2019 LinkedIn

strategy, collaboration

unlocking pages for linkedin members


phase 1

When I joined LinkedIn, posting was stagnant, there weren't native tools for companies to participate on the platform, and there was negative sentiment internally based on old research.

As the Product Lead, I led a strategic initiative to revamp company pages, unlocking organic engagement and introducing native tools for businesses.


phase 2

This hefty 0-1 initiative required collaboration across several pillars of design, engineering, marketing, and data science, with myself serving as the Product Lead.

Through our research, we found that we needed to not only make it easier to post on LinkedIn, but also provide guidance to companies on what to post. I worked closely with our marketing and sales teams to create posting guides for SMBs and Enterprise companies on creating content that was resonant with their audiences (as well as shake the feeling that LinkedIn needs to be “stiff”!).


phase 3

Our flagship feature, enabling companies to post directly from the main feed sharebox, drove a remarkable +55% year-over-year growth in key metrics. This gave us the firepower and positive signals to double-down on access to posting, as well as invest in additional creative tools for companies.

Through our initial launch & a speaking tour, I successfully championed this initiative, establishing Pages as a company priority moving forward. Today, it remains the foundation for enhanced company page participation on LinkedIn.

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